3D Super Tightening and Lifting Facial in Dubai

3D Super Tightening Facial is a very special treatment. 3D Super Tightening Facials resolve your problems with aging and saggy skin. It gives you back your precious youth. Read on to find out more.

3D Super Tightening and Lifting Facial is a combination of:

Only AED 2,999 

We offer flexible payments: 4 months, 4 installments

3D Super Tightening and Lifting Facial – the anti-age specialist.

What is 3D Super Tightening Facial?

Nowadays is completely possible to get skin tightening and immediate anti-age effect without undertaking surgery, nor using Anti wrinkle, fillers or threads face lifting. What does it take? – Just come to Gaga Clinic Center and experience the magnificent results of 3D Super Tightening Facial – an advanced technology for treating wrinkles, aging spots, fine lines and saggy skin.

This highly effective aesthetic procedure aims at targeting all three layers of the skin – the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous tissue. This technology goes deep into the skin in order to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Why 3D Super Tightening Facial works?

3D Super Tightening and Lifting Facial works because it consists of 3 different treatments:

HIFU – HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a non-invasive and totally safe treatment for skin lift and skin tightening. It penetrates deeply into the skin and stimulates collagen production. This leads to rejuvenation and an elasticity boost. It’s FDA approved and thus safe for prolonged treatment. Learn more about HIFU HERE.

Laser Carbon Peel – Laser carbon peel is procedure during which a layer of liquid carbon is applied on clean skin. Carbon has the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin and absorb impurities. The magic happens when the painless laser light meets the carbon. The laser light destroys the carbon along with the absorbed impurities. In this way you get rid of dirt and receive brand new skin. Learn more about Carbon Peel HERE.

DMK Mask – This provides instant detoxification. It is a great relieve for people suffering from Rosacea and acne. The enzymes included in the therapy nourish the skin and sooth any inflammation. They act as exfoliator – they eat away all dead cells. Learn More about DMK HERE.

Benefits of 3D Super Tightening and Lifting Facial

  1. Safe and effective.
  2. Non-invasive.
  3. No downtime.
  4. Tightens and lifts the skin. Better than Anti wrikle and traditional facelifts.
  5. Helps with unwanted pigmentation due aging.
  6. Gives long-lasting results.

What to expect from 3D Super Tightening Facial?

After the treatment you might experience redness which goes away within 30 minutes.

How many treatments I can undergo?

Visible results are seen within 3 sessions. For long-lasting results you can make 3D Super Tightening Facial part of your regular treatment schedule. Please, consult with your experienced aesthetician who will help you adjust the number of sessions to help you reach your goals.

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