Piericing + post care kit

Get your ears, nose, and belly button pierced. Full disinfection and post-care kit is included.

Ear piercing – AED 249
Nose piercing – AED 349
Belly piercing – AED 749


Having a piercing is most of the time an expression – of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, personalities. A very popular trend is having a piercing on the belly – it makes the belly sexy and attractive. Every single piercing on the body is a symbol of something – most of the time it shows freedom to express yourself and be yourself.

Here at Gaga Clinic, we work under strict disinfection measurements to ensure your safety and health. You can have your ears, nose, and belly pierced – professionally.

What is included in the procedure?

If you’ve always wanted to pierce your ears, nose, or belly, here in 7 Derma you receive full care:

  1. Painless procedure;
  2. Sterilization of all kits and machines;
  3. Experienced staff;
  4. Post-care kit;
  5. Medical studs.

How is piercing performed?

The most important part of any piercing procedure is preventing contamination and inflammation. Thus, you will first receive a consultation prior to the procedure. Here are some simple steps that will be conducted:

  1. Disinfect the area with alcohol minimum of 60 degrees.
  2. Mark the area. This will help you understand where the hole will appear after the procedure. Any adjustments are welcome at this step. Once the mark is final we will step to the piercing session.
  3. Pierce with special equipment. We use a professional piercing gun that will make the procedure very quick and painless. Just one shot for less than a second and the piercing will be completed.
  4. Disinfect the area again. In this way, we prevent any inflammation.

Along with the piercing, you will get a post-care kit and full guidance on how to use it.

Piercing aftercare tips

Full instructions you will receive when you come to the clinic.

  • Always wash your hands before touching your piercing;
  • Make sure you stay healthy – this will speed up the healing process. You can take extra Vitamin C or even get Vitamin Infusion Therapy;
  • Always put on clean clothes and sleep on clean bedding sets;
  • Avoid excessive caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol – they slow down healing;
  • Avoid any cosmetics since they irritate the skin and the wound;
  • Don’t replace the medical stud until the area completely heals;
  • Avoid moving the medical studs and removing with hands
  • Avoid swimming pools, saunas, baths while you recover – they may hide risks of inflammation.

Common side effects which are normal

Piercing becomes uncomfortable after the procedure, but this is part of the healing process. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Right after the procedure you may experience bleeding, bruising, swelling, or tenderness.
  • When the healing starts: itching, yellowish fluid secretion, discoloration.
  • When the piercing heals the medical studs won’t move freely so don’t force them.
  • The healing process starts from the outside in – it may appear healed before it actually is. Keep disinfecting daily.

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