Alopecia hair loss in Dubai

Hair loss also referred to as alopecia or balding, is a very common condition. Balding is very common in men, although both men and women tend to lose hair thickness as they age. In most cases, hair loss is inherited and requires the presence of certain hormones to occur.

There are several options for people that are bothered by hair loss. Hair restoration products can be helpful for some people. Hair plug surgery can transfer hair follicles to affected areas for regrowth. Other options include wigs or hair weaves.

Both men and women tend to lose hair thickness as they age. Hair loss can occur for several reasons. Male pattern baldness is very common. The exact cause is unknown, but researchers know that it is inherited and requires androgen hormones. Inherited hair loss is caused by the failure of new hair to grow and replace the hair that has fallen out. Male pattern baldness usually begins as a receding hairline and eventually balding on the top of the head.

Female pattern baldness may be related to genetics and hormones, especially around childbirth or menopause. Females tend to experience hair thinning throughout the scalp with the hairline remaining intact. Complete female baldness is rare.

Other causes of hair loss include trauma, stress, certain medications, some medical conditions, and poor nutrition. Hair loss can occur following a severe illness or fever. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments used for cancer can cause temporary hair loss. Hair loss can also occur because of hair breakage from excessive blow-drying and harsh hair products.

Hair loss prevention works best if medications are started very early. Researchers state that medication that is applied to the scalp works best if it is started within the first five years of hair loss. Your doctor should supervise the use of hair loss medications. You should ask your doctor for medication recommendations and be cautious of fraudulent products.

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