Teeth Whitening in Dubai


Reach the smile of your dreams with our teeth whitening treatments.

Nowadays, everybody knows how important our self-image is. Our mouth and teeth are one of the first things that people look at. So having white teeth plays an important role in our daily life.

Among the benefits of Whitening are:

  • Good first impression on people.
  • Improving your self-confidence and image.
  • Your teeth will look clean and white.
  • Providing you with a great smile.

We offer two types of Teeth Whitening:

Professional Whitening

Gaga clinic, professional whitening is by far the best way to whiten teeth fast, safely, effectively, and affordable. Only dentists and dental professionals, such as dental hygienists, are legally allowed to apply the teeth whitening gel to your teeth. They are also the only ones truly qualified to evaluate the condition of your teeth to determine if whitening is right for you and which type of whitening treatment is best for you.

Professional whitening, you get the benefits of:

  • The latest in advanced Professional Philips Zoom Whitening.
  • Instant, dramatic, long-lasting results
  • Completely safe treatments, with little to no tooth sensitivity or gum irritation
  • Skilled, professional care from dentists and dental professionals
  • Amenities for your comfort and convenience
  • Stronger, more effective gels for faster, more dramatic results
  • Results that are accelerated with a special whitening light
  • Before, during, and after whitening instructions and advice

Whiten Teeth Fast

We provide the best teeth whitening option for when you want to whiten your teeth fast!

There is NO WAY you can get such dramatic results at home in just one hour because we use a special gel that is NOT available for home use plus we accelerate its bleaching action with the best professional whitening light in the industry. It can take up to two weeks or more to get the same results with at-home teeth whitening products.

Our results are instant, dramatic, and long-lasting.
Our Platinum treatment provides the most dramatic results of all and can be done in approximately one hour!

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