Tattoo Removal in Dubai

Enjoy tattoo-free skin with a few sessions. Tattoo removal is an effective and highly recommended procedure.

It erases all kinds of tattoos and gives complete satisfaction to the clients. We love to help you transform and restore your body!

Tattoo Removal per area 499 AED
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Important note: One area is considered 5 cm2. If you are not sure how big is your tattoo and how many areas you should select, please call us to set up a FREE initial consultation – we will be happy to tell you all about tattoo removal and what results to expect for your particular tattoo removal treatment.

How does tattoo removal treatment work?

Tattoo removal is a modern aesthetic treatment that helps people with “tattoo regret” to get rid of their unwanted tattoos. A laser called UltraLight-Q is being used. It sends wavelength-based light into the skin which absorbs the tattoo ink and breaks it down to small particles. In time those particles are being cleansed from the body. This is how a tattoo actually fades away until it is completely gone.

The technology is up to date and highly effective causing minimum side effects – such as burning, itching, redness, inflammation.

What are the results?

Results are strongly individual. They depend on your skin type, the type of tattoo – amateur or professional, the type of the ink, and its depth. Amateur tattoos could be safely removed between 4, 6, and 8 sessions. Professional tattoos need sometimes more than 10 sessions.

The usual time between sessions is between 6 and 8 weeks. This depends on many factors which your aesthetician will explain to you – skin type, tattoo type, ink type.

Also – the further the tattoo from the heart, the slower the process of neutralizing and healing would be. Parts of the body which are closer to the heart get more blood pumped in and thus the rejuvenation is at its peak. Please, have this in mind when deciding to undergo laser tattoo removal.

We recommend you to schedule a FREE consultation with our aesthetic specialists at Gaga Clinic so you can ask your most important questions and find out if tattoo removal therapy is suitable for you.

Benefits from tattoo removal

  1. Non-surgical procedure.
  2. Removes a variety of tattoos.
  3. Minimal side effects.
  4. Adjustable to your specific needs and goals.

How to treat the area after every session?

With antibacterial creams and ice. Please, do not scratch the surface and better yet – do not touch it.

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