Nevi moles in Dubai

Moles are dark spots on the skin.  You can be born with moles.  They also appear over time.  Heredity and spending time in the sun may influence the number of moles that you have.

Some people have moles removed because they are bothered by the way they look.  In other cases, moles are removed because they appear precancerous or cancerous.  You should have your doctor perform a full body mole check.  Your doctor can remove moles in his or her office.

Moles appear as small dark spots on the skin. They can differ in size, color, and shape. Moles can be raised or flat. They can contain hair. You may have more moles in areas that are exposed to the sun.

You should look for any changes in your moles, especially moles that are dark or flat. Changes in moles may be a sign of pre-skin cancer or skin cancer. Look for changes in size and color. Look at the borders to see if they are regular. Both halves of the mole should have the same shape. Contact your doctor if you experience a change in a mole.

You may be able to prevent the appearance of moles by limiting the amount of time that you are exposed to the sun. People with fair skin (Caucasians) are especially vulnerable to skin cancer caused by sun exposure. If you spend time in the sun, make sure that you wear a sunblock that blocks both ultraviolet A and B sunrays. Perform regular mole self-examinations and have your doctor perform a full body mole check.

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