Glow Getter Facial in Dubai

Glow Getter Facial is a combination of Mesotherapy and HydraFacial.

3 sessions  AED 2000
6 sessions  AED 3500

We offer flexible payments: 4 months, 4 installments


What is Glow Getter?

Glow Getter is a combination of two treatments: Mesotherapy and HydraFacial.

  • Mesotherapy uses microneedling to inject vitamins and minerals into the skin. At the same time, it does micro-injuries (which are invisible) to the skin so it boosts collagen production and new skin formation. After the treatment, the skin becomes fresh, clear, and vibrant. Learn more about Mesotherapy HERE.
  • HydraFacial is a unique formula for dull and dehydrated skin. It’s a great solution for any skin type and it helps to maintain the youthful look of the skin. Only with several steps our professionals deeply rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. We use high-quality products to restore the glow of your skin. Learn more about HydraFacial HERE.

What Facial Problems Glow Getter Resolves?

The treatment fights:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Skin dullness.
  • Dehydration

What to expect from Glow Getter Facial?

Expect deep cleanse with optional exfoliating peel and high flow mask. The facial is designed to deeply restore your skin. It uses:

  • Vitamin C+3 – soothes the skin, brightens tan, and strengthens the skin barrier.
  • Collagen – not only the microneedling boosts collagen production, but the treatment inserts into the skin collagen for even better results.
  • Antioxidants – Mesotherapy injects acids and antioxidants to detox the skin.
  • Vitamin A – removes imperfections, deeply cleanses blackheads, and excretes damaged cells.
  • Glutathione – works as a skin lightening compound.

The treatments use 3-step Hyaluronic Acid Layering to achieve even better results.

How many sessions do I need?

The number of sessions depends on your skin condition and beauty goals. We always recommend a FREE consultation before the treatment.

Why choose Gaga Clinic for Glow Getter?

Because we work with passion and care for every client. We’ve seen so many conditions and have talked to so many clients about skin problems that we’ve become experts at diagnosis and treatment.

We work with only high-quality products and have well-trained professionals who will help you achieve the best results.

Also, we keep our prices affordable so anyone can enjoy the benefits from the Medical Aesthetic Treatments.

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