Lash Lifting & Tinting

Eyelash lifting curls your eyelashes upwards. This helps you maintain sexy form and not damage your lashes by applying extra layers of mascara, using extensions, or curling your lashes by yourself.

Eyelash tinting adds color to your lashes. This treatment is best for women who don’t want to use mascara anymore or have naturally blond lashes. Read full information about both treatments in the description below.

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Are you tired of applying tons of mascara to curl your lashes upwards? Or maybe using special tools that break your Lasher or even eyelash extensions? There is a way to curl your lashes and not worry about how you’ll maintain them. The solution is Lash Lifting & Tinting.

What is Lash Lifting?

Lash lifting resembles eyebrow lamination, but for your eyelashes. We curl and lift your lashes with the help of a chemical solution. It’s executed in a few steps:

  1. Cleansing the lashes and the eye area.
  2. Applying silicon rods over your lashes.
  3. With the help of the rod, we lift and curl the eyelashes.
  4. Over the lashes, we apply the chemical solution to break down the protein in the lashes. In this way, they become more flexible and easy to manipulate.
  5. Once the form is set, we apply keratin-rich solution to restore the proteins in the lashes. This solution hardens the lashes and helps them stay in the same form for weeks.

The results remain for 6-8 weeks.

The treatment is best for…

Ladies who’d like to have their lashes curled, but don’t want to maintain them in a difficult way. With eyelashes your forget about:

  1. adding extra layers of mascara;
  2. damaging your lashes with lash tools;
  3. breaking your lashes with extensions;
  4. Being extra cautious in maintaining their curl form – avoiding rubbing your eyes, sleep on one side, use a sleeping mask, be extra careful when removing your contacts, and much more…

What is lash tinting?

Lash tinting creates color for your lashes. If you are tired of using mascara or have a natural light lasher, tinting would imitate mascara color. In this way, you save time in your daily routine and wake up all set and done for going out.

The procedure is really quick (10-15 minutes). You stay with your eyes closed and a lash tinting specialist does it all for you. We insert and suitable (vegetable) dye to color your natural lashes.

The results last for about 3-6 weeks. To maintain your color longer, we recommend you avoid applying oily solutions to eyelashes – they may fade away the color.

Are lash lifting & tinting safe?

Yes. Both treatments are safe if you go to experienced and certified professional. The only risk would be if you develop an allergic reaction to the solutions which we use during the treatment. If you feel you might be sensitive to solutions, please ask your professional to do a patch test. This will help you find out if this treatment would be suitable for you.

Can my eyes become irritated or infected?

During both treatments, you might feel uncomfortable and even tear a little bit. This is because the lashes are very close to the eyes. The Infection may develop only if the treatment is done unprofessionally. Please, always choose a certified professional for eyelash lifting and tinting.

Can I apply mascara over my lashes after the treatments?

Yes. You can apply mascara, but never use waterproof mascara – they dry out the lashes and cause breakage.

Benefits of lash lifting & tinting

  1. save you time;
  2. easy to maintain;
  3. quick treatments;
  4. safe and effective;
  5. no side effects;
  6. Affordable

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