DR. CYJ Hair Filler in Dubai

Boost hair growth with Dr. CYJ Hair Fillers. Read the description below to see full information about the treatment!

1 Session DR. CYJ Hair Fillers: AED 1500
4 Sessions DR. CYJ Hair Fillers -> 4000 (AED 6000)
PRP + DR. CYJ Hair Fillers [3 Sessions] AED4500 (AED 9000)

Learn more about PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).


What is Dr. CYJ Hair Fillers?

This is the first hair filler in the world. We consider it as a hair revitalizer that treats alopecia of different origins – both in men and women. Dr. CYJ Hair Filler is a medical product for thickening and rejuvenating the hair.

What does it contain?

It contains patented peptides as active ingredients. These are 100% natural remedies without chemical ingredients and medicines. No side effects are seen as a result of the treatment with these hair fillers. The formula is structured in an innovative nanocapsule double-layer system, providing effective delivery of peptides to the hair follicles and their gradual release.

The active peptide complex consists of:

  • Decapeptide-28;
  • Oligopeptide-71;
  • Octapeptide-2;
  • Decapeptide-18;
  • Oligopeptide-54;
  • Octapeptide-11;
  • Decapeptide-10.

These ingredients provide high efficacy in hair loss treatment.

What makes Dr. CYJ Hair Fillers so efficient in achieving great results?

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid molecules promote connective tissue restructuring and stimulate fibroblasts via the CD-44 and RHAMM receptors. They provide for the gradual release of the biomimetic peptides. Hydrates the scalp and speeds up the process of revitalization of the hair follicles.

Many in vitro, in-vivo tests, and multiple randomized clinical trials demonstrate the efficacy and safety of the product.

The long-lasting effects of the active ingredients of the product continue to be active even 2 months after the last application. The patented method of active action of biomimetic peptides gives continuous effectiveness over a 2-week period and not only when injecting the product as with other therapies.

What conditions does it treat?

  1. Treats thin, brittle, and dry hair;
  2. Increases the survival rate of grafted hair after transplantation;
  3. In combination with other treatments for hair loss, increases the effectiveness of treatment and helps to achieve faster treatment outcomes (for example – PRP and Mesotherapy).
  • Accelerates hair growth, stops hair loss, and improves the hair structure.
  • Male and female alopecia of different origins such as:
  • Multifocal alopecia;
  • Diffuse alopecia;
  • Androgenic alopecia.

Ingredients and their benefits

  • Hyaluronic acid molecules – cross-linked (cross-linked in the cross-linked polymer). It stimulates tissue recovery and boosts hair growth.
  • Decapeptide 18 – stimulates the formation of a new layer of embryonic follicular cells, stimulates the generation of new hair cells by differentiation of epithelial stem cells.
  • Oligopeptide 54 – Prevents hair loss by adjusting the BMP4 (Bone Morphological Protein 4) signal, reducing DDK-1 expression, and recovering the WNT signal, thus prolonging the anagen phase (growth phase).
  • Decapeptide 10 – Provides on the scalp and root of the hair nutrition, creates a stronger and thicker hair, stimulating angiogenesis within the hair follicle.
  • Octapeptide 2 increases the growth and migration of keratinocytes. This prevents damage to hair cells from the effects of stress, UV radiation, and other aggressive external factors that lead to apoptosis (loss) of hair follicle cells.
  • Octapeptide 11 – prevents collagen degradation, prevents oxidative stress, a potent inhibitor of cellular apoptosis.
  • Oligopeptide 71 – stimulates the formation of hair follicles, inhibits depigmentation of the hair.
  • Decapeptide 28 – restores hair growth. Helps the hair growth phase (anagen phase) by differentiating epithelial stem cells and keratinocytes.

How many sessions do you need?

For best results, we recommend one session every two weeks for two months. This means – 4 sessions in total. Results and session plan depends on your condition and it’s best to have a consultation before starting the treatment.

How does it work?

The technique used in the application of Dr. CYJ Dermal Fillers is microinjection with the distance between injections of 1 cm.

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