Laser Lip Lightening in Dubai

Pink, soft, light, and fresh lips. They look attractive, kissable, and very alluring. Many ladies, though, don’t have the chance to look at the mirror and see pink lips. If you are one of them, we can help!

With Laser lip lightening you’ll see results even after the first session. Say Good-Bye to dark lips. Your new sexy trait is just a phone call away!

Original price per session: AED 600
BUY 2 sessions and GET 1 FREE.

Why Light Lips are so trendy?

Pink soft lips are not only attractive but also are a sign of a healthy lifestyle. Men and women with certain backgrounds (nationality, habits, lifestyle, allergic reaction, hyperpigmentation, or else) want to lighten their lips. And we completely understand. Sometimes genetics also is the cause of dark lips.

Nonetheless, this severe and very common problem, there is a treatment that can solve it.  Regardless of the dark pigmentation cause, everyone can benefit from non-invasive Laser Lip Lightening. It gives you fast and lasting results.

What is Laser Lip Lightening?

This treatment is stronger than home remedies and gives you lasting results. If home remedies don’t lighten your skin, please consider undergoing a laser treatment.

Important: Laser lip lightening is an aesthetic treatment performed by certified professionals. Always perform the treatment in clinics with certified specialists. Before booking an appointment, make sure you’ve chosen the right place.

The Laser lip lightening treatment can be two types: ablative and non-ablative. What is the difference?

Ablative laser lip lightening

It’s known to be one of the most powerful laser types for skin lightening. It uses small beams to concentrate light and waves. These beams destroy the top layers of the skin. The vaporization mobilizes the skin to recover fast and creates a new layer with fresh healthy skin. This type of laser stimulates new skin production and complete rejuvenation.

The procedure starts with a deep cleansing of the lips. This first step removes any dirt from the area. It is needed to prevent further complications.

Next comes the local anesthetic to numb the area.

The third step is laser lightening. It takes up to 30 minutes.

Session frequency: Once a month.

What happens after the treatment: The lips start to peel. At the same time, skin cells create new, pink, soft, and fresh skin.

Non-ablative laser lip lightening

This type is less aggressive. It lightens the lips by destroying melanin. The non-ablative laser type penetrates the skin with concentrated heat to eliminate old pigmented cells. The heat stimulates the dermis to produce more collagen and tighten the skin.

This laser doesn’t cause lip peeling and requires more sessions to see results.

Session frequency: 4-6 sessions to see long-lasting results.

What happens after the treatment: Visible changes are seen immediately after the first session, but for long-term lightening, you’ll need 4-6 sessions.

Benefits of Laser lip lightening

  1. Restores skin.
  2. Lightens the lips.
  3. Makes them look pinky and soft.
  4. Affordable
  5. Long-lasting results if you are persistent with sessions.
  6. Fast

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