Scaling and Polishing in Dubai


Consist in cleaning tartar and plaque from teeth, which reduces yellowing, tooth stains and prevents tooth decay

Scaling and polishing is the cleaning of the teeth carried out by a dentist. It’s the process by which plaque and calculus are removed from both, supragingival and subgingival tooth surfaces. The aim is to eliminate the inflammation and reduce the deposits, as well as any gum disease.

The procedure removes stains from coffee, tea, cigarettes, or red wine and it makes it more difficult for plaque to stick to your teeth.

If you clean your teeth very thoroughly at home, your scale and polish treatment will take less time.

How is this treatment performed?

During the process, our Hygienist will use hand and electric scrapers to get all-around your mouth to those hard-to-reach places and make sure your teeth are completely clean.

For polishing, our Hygienist will use a rotating brush or rubber polisher with a special toothpaste.

Scaling cleans above and below the gum line. If you have gum disease, you may also need deeper scaling, around the roots of the teeth, this is called ‘root planning’. You may require a local anesthetic for this.

The treatment has many advantages:

  • Helps to stop the disease.
  • Eliminates bad breath when is caused by gum disease.
  • The gum stops bleeding.

Regular scaling and cleaning of your teeth thoroughly at home can prevent gum disease. Our Dental Hygienist will also tell you about the best way to clean your teeth and gums thoroughly at home.

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