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Chin enhancement dermal fillers applied to the chin region can help to correct a variety of unwanted chin concerns.

Chin augmentation can be performed to both enhance a recessed and under-projected chin, as well as to create a more contoured and sculpted appearing chin. Dermal fillers can also be used to correct any asymmetries along the chin. Some individuals do not like the appearance of a “dimpled” chin and fillers can be used to fill in and smoothen out unwanted chin dimples. For some individuals that have a mild case of a “double chin”, placing filler along the chin can help to diminish the appearance of excess fat under the neck. Chin fillers can also be used to hide some of the effects of aging by diminishing the appearance of jowls. Lastly, some patients undergo chin augmentation with fillers in order to see how they feel about undergoing a permanent chin augmentation with a chin implant.

Expected Results after Chin Augmentation with Fillers

  • Improved chin projection
  • More defined and contoured chin
  • Potentially decreasing the appearance of a double chin
  • Diminished chin “dimples” or “butt chin”
  • Diminished jowl appearance
  • Better overall facial and neck harmony

Ideal Candidates for Chin Filler

  • Desire to have a better defined chin area
  • Seek to get rid of any chin dimples
  • Want to improve overall symmetry along their chin
  • Have mild appearing jowls that can be hidden with dermal filler applied along the chin-jaw line
  • Would like to enlarge the appearance of their chin as well as increase its projection
  • Desire to create the effect that a surgical chin augmentation would achieve, prior to actually undergoing surgery

Dimpled or Cleft Chin

Chin dimpling or cleft chin may be seen as attractive on some individuals and for others it may be bothersome to their appearance. Regardless of the type of chin dimpling or cleft chin, most can be smoothened out with dermal fillers.

Recessed Chin

A recessed or under-projected chin can really distort facial harmony and balance. A small chin can make the lower part of the face appear sunken and consequently exaggerate the size of the upper half of the face. Using dermal fillers that are more structured and firmer, our doctor can build the size of a chin comparable to what can be achieved surgically with chin implants.

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