Microblading & SPMU in Dubai

Microblading + touch up  1,499 AED
Hybrid brows (powder + strokes) + touch up  AED 1,499

Lip Blush + touch up  AED 1.499
Dark Lips Correction + 2 touch ups  AED 1,999
Eyeliner SPMU + touch up  AED 1,499

Flexible payments available: 4 months, 4 installments

What is microblading in Dubai?

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure for any lady who is wasting precious time filling her eyebrows. This procedure is also perfect for anyone who has lost his eyebrows or has a very thin eye brown. No matter the condition of your eyebrows, microblading has you covered.

Microblading is a procedure that gives natural fullness and appearance to your eyebrows. This is achieved with special technology (hand tool) that uses tiny blades to stroke more natural looking hair. Those strokes are not deeply ingrained in your skin. This is why microblading lasts from 1 to 3 years, depending on the skin.

Does it look more natural than semi-permanent make-up?

Microblading is definitely a winner if you have to choose between semi-permanent make-up and microblading. The procedure uses tiny blades for imitating real hair of eyebrows. The result is – fuller, natural, celebrity-looking eyebrows. Semi-permanent makeup draws a thick line that covers your whole eyebrow – the result resembles actual makeup made with an eyebrow pencil. Semi-permanent makeup is in any sense permanent. The downside of it is that it fades away and your brows may become blue, orange, or fade gray. If you want your brows to look as natural as possible microblading is your best choice!

Semi-permanent makeup for fuller lips

Would you like to have fuller and brighter lips? Or perhaps you are tired of applying lipstick every time you eat or drink?

Semi-permanent makeup for lips is absolutely ideal for you. You can choose from a wide range of colors for your perfect smile. You also have your permanent tattoo with or without lip liner.

Semi-permanent makeup evens your lips, makes them look fuller and more attractive, helps you save time from applying daily makeup.

Semi-permanent makeup for eyeliner

Eyeliner is the ultimate goddess-like expression of your eyes. It really defines your eyes and can change the appearance of your whole face. With semi-permanent makeup, you can choose how your eyeliner to look like – thick or thin, long or short and etc. There is also a wide range of different colors for your perfect eyeliner.

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